metabronx goes to the United Nations
trip to the untied nations

Did you know that over 183 countries meet up in the general assembly in the united nations to speak about world issues? It's so amazing how these events are set up! Streets upon streets are loaded with security making sure that the world leaders get in the building. Me and my fellow interns took a trip to the united nations located in new york city. The united nations is actually not owned by America. The united nations is international. What is international you ask? It means that it exists in a space that is not part of any country. Many different countries. All into one building. In the picture me and my colleagues went to this room. A VERY BIG ROOM. that is called ESCAP. What does that mean? It means economic and social commission for Asia and the Pacific. In this room we got to experience what the world leaders do. Like I said in the beginning, over 183 countries come here to talk about world issues. It was a real rush being together as one.

United Nations
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