This picture is of Sash in the beginning of the internship.....
Week 1 at MetaBronx

This picture is of Sash in the beginning of the internship this is her 2nd year working at Meta Bronx. I gave her a quick little interview to get to know the background of this picture.
“What is your job at Meta Bronx?”
“ I work in media production and what i do there is i sketch “ ~ Sasha

“What where you thinking in this picture?”
“That is was hot and the 6 weeks that we are here what are we gonna be doing also if its gonna be something in the future thats going to effect us” ~ Sasha

Meta Bronx is a start-up accelerator company that is growing start-ups in technology. One of its start-ups is Glass Files.They have many opportunities for us younger people to learn about the programs they have which are the writing, marketing social media production and photography groups.They make us pick our interest on what me want to learn.The first week of meta bronx took place on the school campus. We were getting to know the people that work there and the older youth that had summer internships where they would help us if we needed it and breakdown things we didn't understand.
Grace Doge Campus
Macbook pro
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