The world in a world --Arnaldo (artist)-- and the gradual change in ideas.
Field trip to the UN.
Old and New world model:

During our field trip to the United Nations the MetaBronx internship teachers and students encountered a model of the old and new world (this picture was seen right on the roof of the building). The idea expressed in this model is that the old world and the way people used to think is passing away while the new world and its ways are emerging. This model implies that the world and its ideas are gradually changing. An example is that people have accepted democracy as part of our “new world” from totalitarianism and monarchy. This is important to acknowledge because the ideas, like climate change, that are gradually being accepted impact us youth and everyone else still alive. This sculpture stood out to me because of the curves and because it looks almost like a perfect sphere. I feel like we are still somewhat in the old world because of the continued existence of totalitarian regimes.
1st Avenue
July 22nd, 2019
UN trip photos.
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