Immigration Ice raids in the United States - Anyeska Mendoza
Immigration problem

Today in the United States the life of immigrants has become very difficult for them. Ice police was sent by Donald Trump to a captive raid for immigrants. At this moment immigrants are afraid to leave their home to do their activities like work, take their children to school, among other things.This is very difficult because they are taking away the dream of a better life for immigrants, to give a better future to their children.The raids are focused on recent arrivals to the country, are slated for Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.There are millions of immigrants with dreams and important things for them that would only have the opportunity in the United States and that they are being rebuffed by the simple fact of not having papers. In this image Ice police take immigrants men worker arrested out of their place work.
Bronx, New York
Anyeska Mendoza
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