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climate change
climate change is killing us

Most of our pollution is from 72 percent of companies. The effect from the pollution is that climate is changing and slowly affecting our planet. In 2015, 195 countries meet up in Paris to agree on a mission that they want to limit global warming (climate change) below 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius. In summary, they haven't really met up to that expectation. According to an article from the new york times, it shows on the graph that we are actually above the warming of what Paris Agreement promised. Its 2019. The agreement happened in 2015. The difference? Humans haven’t changed. We keep hurting our planet. In fact, we are way off the expectation in order to avoid climate change. Way off. A few examples of the countries who are hurting our planets really bad according to a climate tracker are the USA, Russia ,Saudi Arabia , Ukraine, Turkey. Those countries have a really big impact on our planet. USA companies like Shell have not been contributing. Since Shell is one of the biggest carbon companies in the world the company needs to use less fossil fuel. The less fossil fuels are used the less CO2 goes into the air, which can stop climate change. Overall, as a human race, we all need to work on our actions. I can’t put all the blame on companies because also human error can be a reason. A way we can help? Recycle and pick up our trash. All of it at the end of the day helps save our planet. When we take a stand, companies start to notice. When we civilians take action it catches their attention. And soon all together we can stop climate change.
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