Forgive the people you love

I argued with my dad, he was very angry and told me very ugly things. Now he is repentant and he is asking me to forgive him but I am very upset about the things he told me. Should I forgive him?

In life there are moments where we’re happy, sad, and very emotional. Then there also moments when we are feeling angry and annoyed. Many times the cause of being angry is because of another person. That person may be someone you see on the street or a friend from school and also a person from your job or a close person who considers yourself a member of the family. When it comes to an unknown person, it may not matter and you may not even see that person again. But when you are a close person or a member of your family, you feel angry, in a position where you are right and decide not to want to talk to that person. You focus on the negative that that person did to you as if you had a grudge inside of you. That is your problem, at that stage you are hurting yourself, which is not good for you or the other person.

Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world, but it's not like that. Time goes so fast that sometimes time is getting out of our hands. We believe that we have control over our lives, but it is not true. Life is unpredictable imagine that you get the news that the family member you got angry with died. Died and you could not take advantage of the moments that were there because you were angry. You realize that you were ignorant unnecessarily and you can not turn back the time to amend it. It is a very difficult time and I know because it happened to me. For this reason I advise to forgive and continue life without being upset with someone because I thought there was a lot of time and over time the anger was going to end. But unfortunately it was not like that, that person died and I could not enjoy life with that person. It is no longer there and there is nothing left to do, maybe he would still be with me if I had not kept my anger ... who knows. Forgive now that you can do it because later it might be too late.
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