Global warming is ending us
Global warming
Global warming, History’s greatest Genocide

Global warming is ending us.You think global warming isn't a big deal but in reality it is. Without doing something about it, it’s going to hurt us even more than it already is. We are harming ourselves without even noticing it and we’re doing nothing to change that. Climate change is any significant long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather of a region which. Climate change examples are warm/high temperatures, chunks of ice melting in Antarctica, wildfire seasons are much longer, coral reefs being bleached of their color, mosquitoes expanding and spreading diseases all because of the high temperatures and heat waves. We aren't the only ones affected by this: the sea animals are also affected because nearly a third of carbon dioxide emissions end up in the sea, which causes a lot of damage factories are throwing waste in the water that make it more acidic and damaging to the animals. This also might affect us too because we eat the sea animals and drink water. As a young person living in New York City seeing a lot of things about global warming in the news and in person, I think that some people don't really care about this world and do whatever they want by littering, not recycling, and keep making big companies not knowing the causes that come with that. We should stop wasting money on industries to stop hurting our world and clean out the oceans and beaches, stop cutting trees down, shut down the industries that are causing greenhouse gases which affects global warming. Just being a teenager and not able to do something about all this makes me feel useless to the fact that we are ruining our future instead of making it better. Let’s save the world instead of ending it and us.
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