Spread awareness towards the educational and economical issues in Belmont.
Current issues in the Bronx.
Analysis on issues impacting Belmont.

Did you know that in Belmont (according to the NYC Department of Health), less than 50% of high schoolers in Belmont graduate high school? Compared with the nationwide average, students who live in Belmont are less likely to graduate high school and college.
According to and, this is a problem as not graduating high school is linked to several detrimental effects including: incarceration, lack of job opportunities and lower health rates. As a result, certain communities, including Belmont, are full of crime, health issues, poverty and the lack of opportunities among students.
Some people may say that the graduation rate issue is okay.
Jamilet said it will motivate you more since it will make you want to succeed. Ramon said he did not care, but would focus on himself and work harder.
208 Rider Avenue, Bronx NY
July 16th, 2019
Nana, and the NYC department of health (statistics).
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