Grace Dodge team of Baseball
Grace Dodge Team of baseball 2018-2019
The Best Year Of Grace Dodge

My first year playing for the Grace Dodge team was 2016, the first year that I played baseball in the team, it was a good team but not enough to win the city championship, we only reached the third playoff game.

My second year we also did not have the luck to win the city championship, but good games were played that season 2017-2018, the team had good players, most of the players who wanted to play in AA in the 2018-2019 season but the coach did not want to go to AA because he thought he was not going to have good players to defend in AA then decided to continue playing in Division A.

The 2018-2019 season arrived, many good players arrived, almost all were Dominicans from different schools and we were able to obtain a good team for the season.

When we started playing in the regular category, we weighed to win all the games we were unbelievable but we lost a single game in the regular the record was 13-1, we went number two in New York as the best baseball team in regular games .

The first team was a Brooklyn team that was eliminated in the playoffs so we went to make the numbers one of New York with the best record, played three playoff games and reached the semifinal that was played on Sunday June 2.

 During the playoff games the team started to have good numbers during the season, which attracted the attention of some college coaches and invited 5 players from the team to practice at the college.

 The game of the semifinal we lost and automatically we were eliminated from the season, but I feel satisfied with my team because we supported each second of the season and the players were like family to me, and this was the best year in history from school, the school has never gotten that far in baseball and that's a good thing.

 In the 2019-2020 season, the AA games prepare me in the summer to enter ready for that season in AA.
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