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Since I was born December 11 1999, I lived with my parents until June 1, 2016, when I came to live with my mother in the United States, it was the first time that my family separated from the day I was born. But despite being separated from my father and older brother, my parents always worry about me doing things well, focusing on my studies and respecting the elderly. My mother always tells me that I should continue my studies to be someone in the future and have a better life. My mother raised me with a lot of faith in God and tells me that difficult situations are not forever. Since I was little I have been raised with many values, one of these values ​​is love and respect towards other people. My family is a family that has always lived together and we treat each other with much respect faith in God and much love.
Bronx , NY
May , 22 , 2019
Velasquez Miguelina
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