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Macbeth is a person ambition that he want to have the power a like of place. the qualities of macbeth are the person that is ambition, liar, killer brave corrupt and selfish. Compare to trujillo they are both ambition person and killer because trujillo send the military to kill all the haitians for the reason that he heard that the haitians kill a dominican spies. It is identified because it did many bad things, to obtain the power that the murderer had and to manipulate all the candidates that appeared.

One reason that.. They did the bad things to get respect and power and faster were their heavy faster you raised their respect. In the play macbeth want kill banquo and his son because he fear that fleance banquo son, become and king. According to If it were done when ‘tis done, then ‘twere well It were done quickly. (1.7.1-2) This means that when more faster you make the murder can be better because like they can clear the evidence and macbeth cannot be worry about banquo's son. This shows that macbeth was had fear about banquo son and macbeth was kill the king he was worry about it. because he don't want to lose his the throne. Rafael Leonidas trujillo, was a president of Dominican Republic and his abuse of a lot people for decades, according to History, though his reputation became tarnished after reports of a massacre against an estimated 20,000 Haitians became public in 1937. This means that Trujillo was a racist president for the Hatians to come to light in that way, he ordered the military to kill all the Haitians in the country and the attack was called the parsley attack. This show Dominican republic lasted many decades under the fear of Trujillo because he was running the country in his own way and if someone contradicted him he sent him to torture and to reach his presidency he ordered to kill all his opponent and that way he came to the presidency. This connect to macbeth because Macbeth murdered the king so he could become king and the son of Banquo could become king and send him to kill since Banquo was his best friend and the king's sons wanted to kill him but they fled and Macbeth eliminated his opponent to to command as king and govern in his own way.

Another reason that.. Everybody think that macbeth is a good person and innocent don't know all bad thing that he did to become a king and the real cause. In the play, in this scene macbeth sent his murderers to kill banquo and his son because macbeth is scared about banquo's son became of king and I removed his throne , fleance can be a king and for that reason macbeth send the 3 murderers to kill them. According to no Fear Shakespeare Macbeth, look like th’ innocent flower but be the serpent under’t. This means that everybody think that macbeth is a good person, the king never knew that macbeth wanna kill him, and macbeth wanted to secure his throne and as he realized that the king's son live they were the next victim he was going to send him to kill and they split up taking different path, but as banquo was the best friend of macbeth and he did not see that macbeth I was going to kill him and his son. This shows that one can not judge the person without knowing him first because macbeth did many bad things that people did not know. Here is a good place to use an appositive sentence. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, Trujillo put a person as to deceive the population to continue sending without anyone separating and his mandate lasted 3 decades. According to website History, Despite the fact that he technically ceded the presidency to his brother Hector in 1952 and 1957 and installed Joaquin Balaguer in 1960, Trujillo retained ultimate control over the Dominican Republic for 31 years. In other words, Trujillo gave his brother his presidency to dismiss the population and that people think that Trujillo is not in power to continue governing the country in his favor and that his was last longer since he was 31 years in the presidency. This show that trujillo deceived people but still doing bad things by hiding. This connect to macbeth because they put another person in the throne to look like a good person, new person but they don’t know that he manipulate his brother.

In addition, My grandfather's skin was black and under Trujillo’s reign there was a law to kill all Haitians. Since my grandfather resembled Haitian descent he was identified as a Haitian. Trujillos troops was ordered to kill him so my grandfather had to flee to the forest to not get caught. My grandfather was able to save his life because he had a family of several children to take care of. This shows how people live, under a dictatorship of a person who has a lot of power, life goes very difficult, the population because they have to do everything that dictator says because if you did not do what he says they could kill him, and the families live with many fears of their daughters because you could abuse them, manipulated the candidates or ordered them to kill so that they would not be able to take their throne away.

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