Ms. Ali shows Platinum students the different generations of her family
Social Studies

Ms. Ali came up with a Do Now where students matched photos on the projector to generations of her family, and asked which generation they saw themselves as.

Many students are the youngest of their family, but some are also 1st generation Americans.

Ms Ali also highlighted a major difference between the time when her great grandparents lived and today. Back then a single photo was highly valuable and comparatively rare. Some people were never photographed or only photographed once in their lives, and the entire story of a family generation might be told in just 3 or 4 images.

In contrast today we have have technology in our pockets 100 times more powerful than the computers that supposedly landed the first humans on the moon. We are immersed in images of ourselves and our peers every single day.

How do we convey to future generations that we are legends too?
Crotona International High School
May 15, 2019
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