a day at the Bronx Zoo

It was an epic afternoon.

I trekked across the mile long parking lot in the rain (no umbrella), and wandered about the Zoo looking for the Schiff Family Great Hall. Employees directed me to go straight and make a left but i visited two Rhinoceros and then monkeys, lemurs, lizards, birds and alligator infested waters before finding my way to the event venue. Turns out I was lost in Madagascar!

Believe it or not, the highlight of my day was still to come. The Bronx elite were out celebrating the launch of the Bronx Private Industry Council, or Bronx PIC, and i had the chance to meet the famed Judy Dimon.

Jonathan, Judy and I posed for this photo as the catered event drew to a close.

As my uncle Daniel says, "God bless the insanity".
Schiff Family Great Hall at The Bronx Zoo
May 13, 2019
photo by Jon Mannion
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