Bag Chaser Family Money in our mind
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Bag Chaser Family Money in our mind

The ending of slavery gave Africans more freedom and opportunity. In my family we talk about how my grandpa escape from slavery. Something that I know about my family was my grandpa was sell as a slave. And He escape from the colonist with one of his friend. He ran away for long time to hide, after a long time he migrated somewhere safe, he went there to created his family he marry a wife and they gave birth to my grandfather. This shows that at the time my grandpa was a slave he didn't own his self. This connects to the formal history of my country because my country was colonize by France. Is connected to my family history because we don't know where we really came from because of the slavery make my grandpa migrated. It represent that my family have no idea where they came from, It also represent that my family is a brave.
Bronx, NYC
Daouda Komara
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