DJ JOSHUA 45 CHAMPION at the poem

I am DJ Joshua 45 and I am like a jam box
I wonder if what i do will take me the abyss i hear music all the time and everything I do is music I see my ability and was surprised by my my people love I want that my ability expands around the I am DJ Joshua 45 and I am like a jam box

I pretend be legend like my idol Bob marley

I feel that my talent day grows more I touch inside of my life when i listen music I worry that something could happen that ruined my career i cry when they hurt me and i am very sensitive i am DJ Joshua 45 and i am jam box i understand that to reach the chasm is with sacrifice i say God will give my moment you just have patience `I dream be great music producer and bet the pride of mom i try everyday without never stopping I hope everything goes as I I dream i am DJ Joshua 45 and I am jam box

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