About my life
my life
About My Life

l am from Togo. I am happy to live with both my parents now. I was very sad when my father left my country Togo, before I came to join him with my mother. When he left, he asked my mother to go live with my grandmother in the capital of Togo, called Lome, because he was coming to the USA. When my father arrived to the USA he didn't forget his family; he called, he sent us messages and money. At my grandmother's house in Lome, there are a lot of children, so my mother couldn't do anything for me because if she did, she would have to do it for the other children too. That's why she has to work hard as a chef making food for others so that she can provide for all of us.

I put this picture because she is a famous Nigerian actress named Nafisa Abdullah and she reminds of my country.
Bronx, NY
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