Memorials of the tragedy at Christchurch mosque shootings

March 15, a tragic day for all humanity, especially for the Muslim community. A day that portrayed how much hate there is still left in the face of this earth. It was a sad and ugly day.

The shooter an extreme white supremacist went into the Mosques of New Zealand, Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Center and shot down 50 Muslim while they were praying on their weekly Friday Jummah prayer. It was such an ugly act and the shooter did a live stream of the whole incident for everyone to show. His Islamophobia and his belief of White supremacy were written down in his personal manifesto called "The Great Replacement".

Such an ugly act brought down tears on Muslim all over the world as a Mosque is considered the most peaceful and safest place for a Muslim. The live stream showed how he shot from the back while Muslims were praying and he kept shooting at the dead bodies even after the victims were dead. Within 24 hours of the live stream was posted on social media, 1.5 million posts were taken down by Facebook. Within an hour of the live stream was posted on Facebook, people already memes out of it.

People all over the world are shaken up with this tragedy. Right after the shooting, approximately 300 people converted to Islam in New Zealand. The shooter was repeatedly identified as a "White supremacist" or "A sick man". Some newspaper article even said he had a "Sad evil life." But no one is saying he is a terrorist. Whenever any Muslims name is related to any tragedy, it is labeled in the Terrorism category but while a white man does it, he is labeled as "sick".

Islamophobia is a real issue today. Islam is a religion of peace, not violance.
Christchurch, New Zealand
15 March 2019
Shadman Chowdhury
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