The war sparked: the life time rivals want to settle this by war.
India VS Pakistan war

Just heard the news yesterday from my mom that Pakistan had been attacked by India, and the next day Pakistan made the reversal of the attack by crashing the two Mi-17 V5 in the border near Kashmir.

The news stunned me, for war which I wasn't anticipating to happen. India and Pakistan have been great rivals from their independence since 1947. A lot of guys have been thinking, what is the big deal of these two countries colliding? and I told them for the sake of God it is a big disaster.

First, both countries have a good alliance with powerful nations which include the UK, Turkey, Russia and Afghanistan.

Second, since India and Pakistan have some big powerful atomic bombs, they could literally destroy the world just the same way the World Wars were sparked.

A nuclear war between both countries would have some unintended consequences, which includes a massacre of 1 to 2 billion people.


border of Kashmir
Ali Khan
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