UFT, BASE, CIHS, and Metabronx

On this day, Sterling Roberson, Vice President for Career and Technical Education (CTE) High Schools at the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) came to MetaBronx to meet with CTE teachers, students from CTE schools, startup founders and Bronx entrepreneurs.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss how to expand and formalize the MetaBronx Work-Based Learning space where students are already acquiring the entrepreneurship skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century workplace through an individualized, differentiated, multi-age learning system.

Mr. Roberson was part of the inaugural cohort of teachers to go through the NYC Department of Education's Success Via Apprenticeship (SVA) program.

Miguel Sanchez, Ozzie Coto, and Philip M Shearer from MetaBronx presented their idea to outfit a building into the Bronx Arts and Sciences Innovation Center, similar to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Aviation High School learning environments. This requires staff, equipment, and input from industry and the civic sector.

Programmatically, such a project requires formalizing a year-round multi-grade model whereby students obtain academic credit (based on APCSA, APCSP, CDOS, ELA, and Common Core standards) for Work-Based Learning.

Himself a Bronxite, Sterling had an infinite number of incredible stories about the work and dedication that has been required in order to build a talent pipeline from historically ignored communities like the south Bronx.

There's nothing more enjoyable than listening to these stories because they are an inspiration to anyone working on local economic development today, and in particular the stories show current high school students that learning and school are not just an inconvenience but rather a privilege that should be cherished, respected, and enjoyed to its fullest.

Meeting attendees:
- Sarah Poyet, Founder and President, The Glass Files
- Jon Mannion, CTE Teacher and WBL Coordinator, BASE
- Alejandro Daniel, BASE '18
- Shadman Chowdhury, BASE '19
- Bright Amoateng, BASE '19
- Esmarlin Fernandez, BASE '21
scenyc, 208 Rider Avenue, Bronx, NY, USA
Friday, January 18th 2019
photography by Admir Kolenovic - text by Philip M Shearer
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