Above the barracks on the west side of town
Vilayet of Adana - Hadjin

This photograph is taken above the barracks on the west side of town. North of this location (left) is St. Hagop Monastery. At the time of this photograph, 500 hundred Turkish soldiers and 59 officers are stationed in Hadjin. The American Board compound is straight across on the mountainside east of town. Only a portion of Upper Hadjin is visible from this perspective (middle left). The iconic St. Asdavadzazin is at the southern tip of the outcropping. The trees in front of the barracks and those seen rounding the southern edge of town mark the steep drop to the rivers that cut through this valley and encompass the town. The unique geography of Hadjin led one visitor to describe it as being built on a spur of rock.
Hadjin, Turkey
circa 1905
Houshamadyan -
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