Bronx Teens Speak On Issues Affecting Our Community
Bronx Teens Speak On Issues Affecting Our Community

We are going to talk about issues in our community and how they affect us. We are focusing on different topic and how we can improve it.

For example we talking about sanitation. There is a lot of garbage in our community and we just make it worse by trowing more garbage in the floor. Also about crime and how can we make our community that crimes does not happen a lot. Also about food access how can we get fresh food in the stores. Also about immigration services how can they help us more what do we need more help with. Also about violence against women why should we not disrespect any women and why should we value them.

We going to talk more about that in 12/14/18. If you interested in making our community better Come and join us because your opinion matter.
🔴Belmont Library
🔴December 14, 2018
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