A view of Hadjin from the east
Vilayet of Adana - Hadjin

This is a view of Hadjin from the east. The American Board compound is in the foreground. The road leading out of town to this property is the undulating path wrapping around the mountain, about a fifteen minute walk. Middle Hadjin is the section of the city stretching from north to south (right to left). St. Asdavadzazin is just outside the frame to the left. The tall white building far left is the rear of the Boys' Academy. Further to the right is the blurry cupola of the Catholic church. To the right of the church is another tall white building, the Catholic school. The wall of mountain in the background marks the western limits of town. At the base of the mountain to the left is the barracks that housed about 500 soldiers. To the right is St. Hagop Monastery.

This mountain, at the time of this photograph, was the site of many summer vineyard homes. Upper Hadjin is just around the sloping mountain if you follow the path from the missionary compound.
Hadjin, Turkey
circa 1900s
Houshamadyan -
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