Google Women Bronx
Social Studies
Violence Against Women

My homework was to google women bronx then write the headlines from the first page. Then tell if I see pattern if yes I suppose to describe and do now a Glass Files.

1) Headlines of stories on the first google page about women bronx:
- Search for Local singe 50 women in Bronx
- 2 women found dead on rocks near Hudson River off of Riverside Park.
- Man beats woman after throwing rock at her minivan attacks LI cops: police.
- Women's Heath / Bronx women clinic - Morris Heights Health Center.
- Bronx woman was beaten to death with hammer before dismemberment: cops.
- 1st Annual Bronx Women Forum: use your voice Tickets, Fri, Oct.
- Women's Health Bronx-care Health system
- Women Academy of Excellence in the Bronx - New York City department of ...
- She watched her other be killed 12 years ago. She met the same fate.

2) Yes, I do see pattern. I see that most of information is about domestic violence and also help for this issues.
New York, Bronx
Brinda Kemgne
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