Francisco de Goya and a poem for today

This painting represents how I feel about our social and political situation.

It's also one of the first images of horror I saw as a child or young woman, likely in a History book and made a huge impression on me to this day.

That's why this painting comes to my mind when I try to describe the feeling that emerges when I hear the news of our nation, the United States of America.

The painting depicts the ancient god Saturn devouring his son.

What strikes me is the human form of the monster.

Here is the poem I wrote to accompany my mind's meanderings:

we are pulled into a vortex
the vortex is strong
vortex of hate
vortex of evil
souls gone
don’t be lulled into the pull
surf the edge
keep your balance
keep your head

- thoughts by me

Happy Halloween y'all
from 1820s Spain to the Bronx, NY
1820 - 2018, Tuesday October 23
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
Museo del Prado -
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