Social Studies
Violence Against Women

I interviewed someone who did not want to be recorded. These are her answers to the questions.

1) From 1-5 hor bad do you think is violence against women?
A- I think violence against women is like a 4 badly.
2) Do you think women deserve respect no matter in their clothing styles?
A- Yes, of course, I really think we deserve respect no matter what we wear because all women have to be comfortable on their outfit.
3)Do you go outside alone at night? If YES, how do you feel? If NO, why not?
A- No, I don't go outside alone at night reason of safety. My mama doesn't want let me go out alone at night because she's scared of what could happen.
4) Why do you think some men don't respect some women?
A- I think some men don't respect some women because they're not just men.
5) Do you know some association that helps violence against women?
A- No, I really don't know some association that can help.

I agree with her because of all she said from question 1 to 4 are really true. And about question 5 I don't know either. If I knew I would really help some women out there.
Bronx, New York
Crotona International High School
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