hygiene in the streets
social studies

What is your impression when you go to a public bathroom?
I see paper in the floor and a lot water so dirty
In a scale 1 to 5 how clean is the building where you live?
3 because I not so clear and no so dirty is so but we need more clear

Do you think the cockroaches and rats are increasing?

What do you think is the cause? yes I think The cockroaches and rats increasing. I think increasing because a lot people are so dirty throw garbage in the floor and also they don't worry about the environment

What do you think is sanitation? sanitation is conditions relating to public health

In a scale 1 to 5 how good do you think or feel is the hygiene? 5 hygiene because hygiene can make the world better

It is a lot of trash?
yes it is a lot of trash
If you could improve the sanitation in new York City what could you improve?
one thing that I improve in new York is the street
Carlos Nunez
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