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violence against women

in the interview with my friend hamzah. we talk about violence against woman,and i ask him few questions.These are some of the questions you asked.
1- In a scale of 1 to 5 how discriminate you feel in your job ?
he said 4 because in his job Everyone is equal.
2- How do you feel when a man in the street try to compliment you?
He said He feel not bad.
3- Comparing 20 years ago and now, do you think there's less discrimination?
He said completely agree, that has changed Because people are now thinking consciously.
4- How effective you think are the laws and program to protect women? -Scale of 1 to 10.
He said 9 Because now women have a lot of programs that are supported and protected.
5- How we can make that more women talk or say about what they are happening when are suffering violence?
He said Explain to them their rights and what should work if exposed to violence.
Finally, based on this interview between me and Hamzah. He believes that violence against women in America does not exist and that women in America have a lot of rights and that the law supports women more than men.
in Cortona international high school
anas naji
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