Interview with my brother about Violence Against Women

1. How often you feel safe when you walking in night ?
-Never, sometimes, Always ,
Follow Up :why you feel safe or not ?
because its dark and drnk wht bad peaple
2. ln a scale of 1 to 15 how discriminate you feel in your job ?
yes , we get paid the same.
3. How do you feel when a man in the street try to compliment you ?
good I guess
4. Comparing 20 years ago and now, do you think there,s less
discrimination? yes
completely Disagree Agree, Completely Agree, Follow Up :How do you think had changed?
discvi min ation is no so open in publi
5.How effective you think are the laws and program to protect women?
-scale of 1 to 10
Follow Up:Do you think is fair to the men ?
yes it is
6.How we can make that more women talk or say about what thy are
happening when are suffering violence? make easy for them to contact the right fecility.
Follow Up: How do you think the authorities will support them?
they will support with everything the cmu ,whe we make avery loud noise
Bronx, NY
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