Wonderful photograph of a small town nestled in a narrow valley
Towns and Villages
Vilayet of Adana - Hadjin

This photograph looks northwest toward Middle and Upper Hadjin.

In the lower left is St. Asdavadzazin, a girls' school, the Boys' Academy (only upper two stories visible) and the Catholic church (marked by the cupola).

In the lower right is a stream. In Upper Hadjin is the Girls' Home (1899-1914), the tallest multi-story building on the right; the large white building left of the Girls' Home is the First Church, owned by the American Board but run and supported by a local congregation; The Boys' Home (1898-1910) is straight down from the First Church and is distinguished by the inset roof line.

The town's business district lay in the area between Boys' Home and the Boys’ Academy.

Rose Lambert arrived in Hadjin in wintertime and thought it dull and ugly. It was not until spring that she learned why Hadjinstis considered their home a paradise. Lambert often road her horse to a beautiful spring on this side of town, called Krdet.
Hadjin, Turkey
circa 1909
photograph by Dorinda Bowman
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