Mural controversy at BASE
$ 4 Kids not Cops

Apparently this mural at Bronx Academy for Software Engineering, on the 4th floor of the Grace Dodge high school campus is a controversial issue.

Partly obscured under the announcements billboard the artist painted a sign held by 2 young people that reads "$ 4 Kids not Cops"

True that i arrived at the campus this morning and was welcomed by what felt like at least 8 cops... instead of the usual morning chaos that includes a line around the block of teenagers impatiently waiting to go through the single security checkpoint while being yelled at to stay in line by officers in uniform (and armed i presume) at 8:00am... *this* time i was ushered into the cafeteria where there was not 1 but 2 metal detectors to improve the flow of traffic! Progress...

If that doesn't put a teenager in the mood to learn first thing in the day... i don't know what will.

And that goes for all 1,200 high school students trying to make it to school in the morning.

Let the debates begin.
Crotona Avenue, Bronx, NY
October 9, 2018
mural located at BASE in Grace Dodge CTE High School campus
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