Dorinda Bowman brought this orphan dress from Hadjin
Vilayet of Adana - Hadjin

Dorinda Bowman brought this orphan dress from Hadjin along with the orphan rug when she and the other UOM missionaries left in November 1914, after the start of WWI.

The dress was made either by a woman employed at the orphanage or by an orphan girl herself.

The front view (left) shows the many patches and mended tears stitched by orphan girls. A view of the backside (right) reveals the typical striped pattern of the fabric.

Rosemary Russell discovered this dress and other mementos of Bowman's years as a missionary during a visit to the Missionary Church Archives at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA.
Hadjin, Turkey
November 1914
Houshamadyan -
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