Susan Meiselas a fearless photographer in the middle of a revolution.
History Of Nicaragua
Photographs of the Nicaragua Revolution

Susan Meiselas is an American photographer born in Baltimore Maryland on June 21, 1948. She is known for her photographs of the Nicaraguan Revolution from 1962-1990 and American carnival strippers. Due to the success of her photographs she was associated with Magnum Photos in 1976 and since then has been a full member.

Photographs of War-Torn Nicaragua

Susan Meiselas was itching to get on a plane to Nicaragua and didn’t know whether she should go or not, she didn’t know if she would return. “I know i will be pulled into the current of history” she said. During her 12 years there she captured images of Sandinista rebels, one of them being Pablo Arauz holding a pepsi bottle made into a homemade explosive. This image became a symbol of resistance that current protesters have resurrected 40 years later. She photographed rotting corpses and masked rebels fighting for their independence. She photographed as a group heading to the university in Managua was attacked on the road by unidentified armed men after a major march.

Nicaraguan Revolution

The revolution was in opposition to the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Garcia during which he ruled his people with violence. The Sandinista National Liberation Front fought a violent rebellion to overthrow the dictator. This revolution was significant to Nicaragua history and was one of their major wars that lasted 28 years. Even if their intention was to overthrow the Somoza regime, there were many deaths - tens of thousands of people died.

This is a picture of Susan Meiselas during her time in Nicaragua in September 1978. I personally think this is an amazing portrait of this woman in the middle of a revolution risking her life and not knowing if she would return home. Look at the soldiers in the back: she is not intimidated by them, she is walking in this firm and strong confident manner with her camera photographing important history.

For more amazing photography by Susan visit her website:
Nicaragua 1978
September 1978
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