Software Testing, Testing the software for bugs and admininstrative work
CS Testing and Administrative Work
ImBlaze Software

ImBlaze is a software that connects with a variety of internships and startups for students to connect with to have part time jobs for a substantial future. My position in this software is to test and analyze any bugs or complications. I am connected with many administrators that is also conducting on this software. I am also doing administrative work by following up on students on their Pursuit on any internships and startups. This is more than just one person doing one thing, it's a team effort. By me me being an administrator I also connect with other administrators that follow up on students. By me analyzing and testing this software, software developers are also connected with this software and debugging this software as well. The emotional standpoint on this for me is nothing in the worst way. It feels brilliant for me due to that Cause your apart of a team. This is not 1 on 1 work, Its group work that takes time and process to do so. ImBlaze is also an app creates by the admin and developers of this software. This is also in testing and will soon be debug by our fellow developers of this software. A team is why more than group work. Multiple Hands make a multiple masterpiece
Isaiah Lee
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