We went to UBS and learned a lot about swiss bankers and what they do.

Demonstrate the "soft skills" necessary for success after high school. UBS is a swiss bank and we went there and did a quick mentoring. We learned a lot about their work and got some good advice. One of their roles were was "Marketing" and they were the ones that make people understand why to buy the product and whats best for the consumer. Also one of the advice I learned was to try your best in school because it can lead you into greater opportunities and better jobs. We learned about peoples back stories and how did they rise to the place they're in right now. Some workers lived out side of America and they didn't have the same education that we have when they were a child. They didn't really have a choice to choose college/university, they had to choose whats next to their houses.
Manhattan NY
July 18 2018
Dylan M
Jon Mannion flickr
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