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Develop guidelines that convey troubleshooting strategies that others can use to identify and fix errors. Also this was really fun. We had Wifi and system problems with the apple Mac laptops witch wasn't allowing other users to use the same "rider" server. Once my co-workers were to figure out the problem for each computers, we had to find out the apple mac address so we can find out whats wrong with the Wifi and the computer. We were having to do that for every computer so we can have the stuff right for everyone instead of different usages. MAC addresses are when an indication towards laptops or any such,its like finding out a simple problem for a specific laptop that needs work. My co-workers had helped me find the addresses to send to be checked on or fixed by another supervisor. The addresses are to help us figure out and know what computer is having trouble with the "rider." The rider is basically where, there are different servers in one space that everyone can connect to from different areas and are really fast ways.

From all of this, I learned that it's interesting to find out what is running in this work place. The riders is a first i've had heard that relates towards Wifi, and how it can cause trouble with the laptops systems. Also i knew another term for MAC Addresses or that was bring related towards the term. Technology is hard to understand such as coding, but it can be worked on over the few while Im still learning.
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