Trump’s response to white attackers vs. non-white attackers
Trump word cloud

Philip M Shearer:

In so many ways, this comparison of two tag clouds perfectly encapsulates what the extreme right wing fascists are all about.

Tag clouds represent the frequency at which a word is used. The more the word is used, the larger it will be displayed.

In this case, CAP Action counted the number of times all these words were used by US President Donald J. Trump in his tweets responding to deadly attacks on American soil.

When there is a terrible attack and the attacker is white, 'God' is the most prevalent word; when the attacker isn't white, the most frequently used word is 'terrorists'.

It's all about grieving and condolences to the families of the victims when the attacker is white. It's all about hatred and violence when the attacker isn't white.

The racism is glaring, but apparently not to everybody; far from it, in fact! It's a new kind of fascism, as if extremists like Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Sebastian and Katharine Gorka (nee Fairfax Cornell), Stephen Miller, Charles Koch, Robert Mercer, Michael Anton, had understood that Hitler and Mussolini were simply too vocal about what they wanted.

The New Fascists have rightly calculated that it's much more effective to deny that they're trying to get rid of everyone who's not white, but take every possible action towards fulfilling that objective.

And somehow, the US education system has performed poorly enough that some 40% of the population is simply incapable of through the thin veil of evil that these lunatics have been weaving for the past 50 years...


Alejandro Daniel:

When they are white and they kill hundreds, they are Americans and cannot be labeled “terrorists”, their deeds aren’t related to terrorism, they are just criminals.

When they are not white and they kill a single soul, they are undoubtedly a “terrorist”, their whole kind gets blamed, and “radical Islam” is invoked.


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United States of America
November 1, 2017
CAP Action
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