Was Fanta made by the Nazis?
The origins of Fanta

There may be crazy internet conspiracy theorist and people that roam the internet that say the Nazis made Fanta. Well yes it is true that Fanta was made in Nazi Germany but it wasn't really made by the Nazi's government but instead made by a German man that was more dedicated to the Coca-Cola company than his own country. The name of the man was Max Keith. He wished to rise through the ranks of the corporate Coca-Cola company, by being loyal only to the Coco-cola brand. However before we can talk more about Fanta we must talk about the conditions and the man behind it all. In 1929 Coca-cola opened up shop in Germany and made big bucks in the country selling the sugary drink. In 1941 production of Coca-cola production ceased because of the United states of America declared war on the Axis powers after the surprised attack of Pearl harbor by the Empire of Japan. Max Keith now a were without the special syrup an ingredient used for the production of Coca-Cola. Working with his chemists, Keith made a new recipe that took in account of the rationing system. It was made from the leftovers of other food industries: fruit shavings, apple fibers and pulp, beet sugar, and whey, the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained during cheese production. The creation of the name was interesting though because it was brain stormed by the marketing department and they named it “Fanta,” with is short for “fantasy.” Mind you Coca-cola didn't even know what was going on but this subsidiary was making a killing selling the drinks to the German people.
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