5th Annual NYC Computer Science Fair in all its glory
Pandemonium in the best possible way!

Over the past 20 years i've participated in or straight out produced over 150 events. Music concerts, New Year's parties, performances at the NYC marathon, art, design, technology, education, community, economic development, even a block party between the pumps at the Shell Gas Station around the corner from the scenyc/MetaBronx work space...

The Computer Science Fair ranks up there in the Top 3. The sheer number of attendees is staggering, and because 99% of attendees are young, the energy level is very high from the first beat all the way to you finally laying down on the track and looking at the ceiling from exhaustion by the time you finish re-packing the gear.

But it's SO - MUCH - FUN!

In these times where fun is overwhelmingly defined by people engaging in activities where they learn... nothing, it's such a pleasure to spend 8 hours moving non-stop in what is certainly one of the most educational events in the world - doesn't matter who you are, if you're attending this event, you're learning *something* and most likely having the time of your life.


From the website:

The NYC Computer Science Opportunity Fair (CS Fair) is New York City's largest annual college and career inspiration event for public high school students studying computer science.

In its fourth year, the 2017 CS Fair hosted over 2,000 students from 60 schools across all five boroughs as well as 100+ companies, colleges and extra-curricular programs.

The CS Fair aims to excite students about the myriad educational and career opportunities that result from studying CS. The CS Fair also connects tech companies to each other and showcases each one's amazing employees and products.
USA, New York, NY, The Armory, 216 Fort Washington Avenue
Monday, March 29th 2017
photograph by Andrew Kingsley
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