The tables are ready for the swarm... we have no idea what's coming!
Ready, set...

Through our partnership with BASE (Bronx Academy for Software Engineering), The Glass Files got invited to participate as a startup at the 2017 New York City Computer Science Fair, which gathers over 2,000 students from 65 schools in NYC.

MetaBronx jumped on board and we ended up with three Bronx booths next to each other: MetaBronx in the corner, The Glass Files in the middle, and The Knowledge House.

In this photo, Sarah Poyet (Founder and CEO of The Glass Files), Iyonce Jackson (Co-founder of Badland) and Philip M Shearer (Co-founder of MetaBronx, Co-founder and CTO of The Glass Files) have just finished setting up the exhibition tables. It's probably around 9:15am on the day.

Andrew Kingsley (Founder and CEO of Concourse Markets) is taking the photo after having moved the equipment and set it up. His drones were a big hit!

Demand for first flights exceeded the battery capacity of the little whirlygigs. Those arriving at our booth just as the batteries refreshed showed Andrew how to fly without ending in lost propellers and dented neighbors - to be fair, sometimes he hit thier booth. Our fellow exhibitors are some genuinely kind supremely talented, abnormally pain tolerant, and abundantly forgiving individuals!

We have absolutely no idea how crazy things are about to get...
USA, New York, NY, The Armory, 216 Fort Washington Avenue
Monday, March 29th 2017
photograph by Andrew Kingsley
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