Is the electric car the answer to pollution?
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Is the electric car the savior of the earth?

To some people to the electric car is the future and the answer to a green way. To others it is ugly, expensive and is just taking up space. Well to be honest the electric car do more harm to the environment than a regular combustion engine and here's how. First, it's the issue of the batteries, how to recycle it correctly as we all know we can't dump it in landfills. Then were does it go all that toxic material will have to go somewhere but where?, is there even enough companies to collect the batteries, these are the questions that need to be answered.

Second is the emissions just because you plug it in it doesn't mean it comes from thin air the power may actually comes from an unclean source like the coal or natural gas that power 63% of the United states. Not to mention that the lithium ion batteries are made from rare earth minerals and it is extracted by drilling and or other mining practices . It's also said that it taken more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide to produce a electric car, so even just being in existence it produced more carbon dioxide than a regular combustion engine car.

Third 1/3 of traffic pollution is caused by vehicle exhaust the rest comes from the brakes and the surface of the road kick up particles causing air pollution. So the electric car isn't the savior everyone think because we have yet to address other things that cause pollution on our roads. The answer is no the electric car isn't the answer because we have yet find efficient ways of recycling batteries , find cleaner ways of extracting the rare earth minerals to make it and we have yet make it have less impact on the world with the lowest carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.(produce less carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process than combustion powered cars)
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