The three Gorges dam
world biggest dam
The dam that tamed the Yangtze river

No wonder it's called the biggest dam in the world it measures 1.2 miles long and produce 22,500 MW of power. The dam is sits along the Yangtze and it is in one of the most populated areas of china with 400 million inhabitants living near it's banks. The mega project took 17 years and cost 22.5 billions dollars and it displaced a total of 1.2 million people from their homes that's almost the same population of Wyoming and Vermont combined.

The dam it's self is a engineering wonder of the modern world now billions of people around the world now know whats's possible it stands 607 feet high and over 1.4 miles wide. It is proof the Chinese people ambitions are high and they are capable of doing the impossible.

The monumental project wasn't without people did lost a total of 100 workers on the dam but their deaths wasn't in vain because millions of Chinese people are now protected by the full strength of the Yangtze. During flooding season the Yangtze become a force of nature that can't be controlled but now it has been tamed and now the Chinese people can be protected from the river. Though the dam provides some good, it isn't without controversy the sediment levels have decrease by 50 percent down stream. The farmers downstream are having a harder time because of that and it many put a strain on the ecosystems that are down river. There also have been more landslides, earthquakes , droughts because of the dam,scientist presume its because of the extra pressure caused by the water weaken the cliffs and hills around it.
Sandouping, Yiling, Hubei ,China
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