Society, What do we really know about it?
Sociological Operations

Society, Ever wonder this human phenomena operates? Why I choose to call it a phenomena? Well It’s more than just the human race, There is something deeper than what we're seeing. To find what’s beneath the surface we need read in between the lines. How we operate day night and how do we evolve. Sometimes you should ask yourself, Are we being manipulated or are we free to do what we please? Society has that answer, but it’s not in plain sight. Now to answer this question we need dig deeper to see the crimson soaking through. Society has many different systems hidden that we don’t know about. I feel that it is only right to figure this hidden system and how it operates. If we do let the crimson soak through, we see something that's significant. What is that something? Well we revolve around a cycle. We go through this cycle everything single day night without us even knowing. The human race created this cycle and this cycle will never break. Judgement is also apart of this hidden system. Why do we judge, what is are motives? Are we taught not to or are we forced to mold around the world’s thoughts instead of our own? This question bothers many people, Cause we have are own thoughts that we can use but we don’t, or maybe we can’t. Society enforced this not to have our own thoughts, not to walk in our own shoes or not to walk our own path; only the world’s. Which some do realize this and break away from it and use their own thoughts to perceive their life. Some it’s hard for them to do so cause they have that fear of the consequence. If you turn back on society you will face it. Than if we think about it, following the world’s footsteps and not ours keeps us from being ourselves. Thats it, society doesn’t want that, cause if we be ourselves we will find this hidden system. Society doesn’t want that, instead it wants to mold into someone else than ourselves. This is just a theory you can disagree or agree, it’s that we need to be aware how are society works and how it wants to work. It’s your thoughts it’s up to you. Daniel Little is the one who inspired me to discuss this theory of my own. He is a philosopher and a social scientist.
Inspired by: Daniel Little
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