Writing is not just art, It's a healer and It's a therapy session.
Writing is a Healing Remedy

What is Writing? Have you ever answered that question? Well writing is more than just words, it resonates power of the mind significantly. It pulls all the negativity out of your mind, while healing from the pain that was rooted within you. Writing can be an antidote that you take in awful times. It's also therapeutic, a therapy session you can have anytime. Writing actually gets rid of depression, and can bring you to a healthier state of mind. Writing can help so many people get out of their depressive state. Some don't realize that their holding their own key to their own locked cage. That key is was drives them to a sound mind. Writing can be that key to use to unlock the doors and free yourself from your own cage. Than you'll help others and spread a message that their is hope. Hope that will drive us to say "giving up is not an option".
Have this in mind that the you can free yourself too. All you need is a pen and paper, let the therapy session begin.
James W. Pennebaker
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