My Uncle's Painting
Prison's Picasso

This painting isn’t something that directly shows my family history however for me it represents my family history and how much I don’t know about it. My dad’s uncle Diego made this painting for him from jail where he’s spending the rest of his life. When he sent my dad this painting it made me wonder about the kind of person Diego is and more about why he’s in jail. Then I started thinking about how I don’t know anything about my dad’s side of the family because he doesn’t know who his dad is. It made me think about how I have more family out there that I have no idea about who probably have amazing stories to tell about how the family came to be.
This thinking pushed me to ask my grandmother (dad’s mom) about my granddad and if she could tell me anything about him and I was hoping she could supply me with real answers but she doesn’t remember who he was either. He was as one would say “a one night stand gone wrong.” Even now I wish I had known more about my unknown family because i’m sure there are interesting stories to tell. It’s just disappointing knowing that i’ll never find out if i’m like my granddad or if I have any aunts or uncles.
Summer of 2017
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