Medals from the Vietnam War

My grandfather, Carmelo Morales (pictured on the right), is the next most important person in my family because of the experiences he went through that others in my family had not, yet he was still able to overcome any obstacle put in front of him. As most people know, the Vietnam War is considered one of the most bloodiest ones ever fought. My grandfather fought in that war for 2 years. The constant gut wrenching fear of trying to stay alive, to watching his friends and hundreds of other men be killed right in front of him, and all the other terrible things war has to offer, which most people can’t handle, definitely changed his life and resulted in him being diagnosed with PTSD when he came home. Dealing with psychological illnesses is never easy but of course he was able to get through it. My oldest memories with my grandfather is him lecturing me about being a good student, behaving at home, etc he always wanted the best for me so when he was diagnosed with cancer it was a hard time for not just me but for my family as well because with all the battles he had overcome, cancer was something we weren’t sure he would do the same for. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed in Aug. 16, 2013 but he fought hard, even on his worst days he cracked jokes and lifted my spirits. Carmelo was and will always be my superhero, he took my family in when we had nowhere to go, he wanted the best for my siblings and I, and he taught me the true meaning of getting through whatever life throws at you which is why I chose him to be apart of Glass Files.
After 1975
Marieely Morales
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