The studio where Portishead's seminal album 'Dummy' was recorded
Sound engineering

Portishead's debut album, called 'Dummy', was released on August 22nd 1994.

Portishead was part of a group of artists and bands who invented a new musical genre called 'trip hop'. Among their peers are Massive Attack and Tricky.

Part of what made the music new was the way it sounded, and what makes the story particularly compelling is that this new musical genre came out of a specific geographic location in the southeast of England, in and around a small town called Bristol.

Very often with music, the smallest, most nondescript locations are the most creative. State of Art and Coach House Studios (SOA Studios for short) is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

To this day only very few people know about this studio, even though the album 'Dummy' is one of the most incredible musical works of the 20th century.
Easton Bristol, United Kingdom
late 1980s ~ early 1990s
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