Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day

The first Earth Day took place in 1970 and was celebrated in the United States before being observed around the world in 1990.

This edition of Earth Day aims to achieve global climate and environmental literacy by Earth Day 2020. The Earth Day Network (which organizes Earth Day) is relying on education through civic engagement as the number one vehicle to advocating policy change that affects a myriad of issues, from promoting conservation, protecting our fauna and flora, and ensuring sustainable job creation to developing green technologies, understanding our individual and common responsibility, and diversifying and broadening environmental activism.

April 22nd 2017 also marks the first March on Science.

Marches took place around the world today to protest what is seen as a political assault on our planet.

The graphic in this post was created thanks to Made with Code, a Google project encouraging girls to code.
United States
April 22, 1970
post by Chanez Baali
project: The Glass Files #onthisday via Instagram
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