Montefiore Albert Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center
WBL (Work Based Learning)
Internship Connection with WBL

I was able to apply the knowledge and abilities I gained in my WBL (Work Based Learning) class thanks to my internship at MECCC. Abilities like responsibility, teamwork, and communication, among others. In the little period I had an internship, I became aware of the value and realism of teamwork and communication. Since the lab department was dependent on the administrative department and vice versa, I learned how to clearly communicate the needs of the administrative team but also to be able to understand the needs of the lab team. I also learned to execute my work as best as I could to ensure that the outcome was as planned and did not interfere with the team's ability to function as a whole. Something I discovered and learned that is very important for my was how crucial it is to let everyone handle their own responsibilities, be accountable for their actions and to let my team members grow as individuals rather than constantly watching over them to ensure they complete their tasks.
Bronx, NY
Spring 2024
Arianna Feliz
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