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Discovering My Passion through Internship

This year Crotona International High School implemented a new internship program.
I interned at (MECCC) during the Spring of 2024. During my time at Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center, I had the incredible opportunity to delve into the world of medical research. Coming from a family where resources were always scarce, this internship meant much more than just gaining experience. It was a step forward towards my academic and professional dreams. As someone who dreams of becoming a teacher for children, this experience has shown me the importance of education and its relationship to health care.
At the MECC, you will learn to calibrate machines and understand how they work in a clinical setting. This experience not only involves technical skills, but also an analytical approach to ensure its accuracy and security. I think this experience relates directly to the GWPP project, where we explore how to approach challenges with effort and also intelligence.
By linking my internship with the GWPP project, I can show how I am applying my mathematical and analytical skills in the real world, as well as learning how to work smarter to achieve my educational and career goals. In short, my time at MECC is helping me better understand how I can intelligently and effectively approach my educational and professional goals. During the internship, I contributed to important projects. These projects helped me improve my technical skills and understand the importance of teamwork. From learning how to operate medical equipment to receiving guidance on how to build a good resume, this experience has been instrumental in my professional growth.
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Spring 2024
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