A day exploring the Andrew Freedman Home in 2024
Ties to the Past

A building abandoned since for a vast period of time is now on its growth to becoming a center of history in the Bronx. From its inception in 1924 until its closure in 1983, when the Andrew Freedman Home was acquired by the Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council for use as senior housing, the tastefully decorated facility served as a haven for the formerly wealthy for fifty-nine years. This construction of vast generations has taken step into a new era. The growth of this building will bind all to the vast history of the Bronx. After being acquired by the Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council, the Andrew Freedman Complex is currently used as a hotel, a cultural hub, and a venue for events. This is one of the modest, interrelated systems that the site's builders have decided to adhere to. As they expand their library, add room for the youth to come and learn and connect. All in the goal of building a united community in the Bronx.
Andrew Freedman Home
March 21, 2024
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